original needlepoint art, beautifully reimagined

custom made with crazy heart & soul


Telling a Story Through Space and Design

contemporary needlepoint art, unique textile home goods


What began as a sweet friendship united in artistry has evolved into a colorful collaboration. We are so excited to share MOOST BAGS with you!

MOOST is a mother-daughter business, offering interactive, interchangeable, cool-as-all-get-out handbags. Designed by "Mooms" (Denise) and "Oost" (Austin), their unique designs allow YOU to customize the bag to your liking.

The flaps, bottoms and straps are easily changed and mixed to create a variety of stylish options. And now this three-sister system has another sibling- a Mommani sachet!

The MOOST sachets are original Mommani needlepoint art, reproduced as buttery-soft velvets. They're hand-stuffed with organic French lavender and entirely hand-sewn. They're like little works of art, adding charm to your MOOST!

Remove the little darling and hold her close for an immediate ray of happiness!

moost bags
  • Gillian

    "The pillows Cheryl did for me turned out spectacularly! So pleased and almost wish I didn’t have to gift them
    to the people they were intended for."

  • Jessica

    "Cheryl has made nine stockings for my family over the past decade. The artisanship is unlike
    anything I have ever seen. They were each designed and handcrafted by Cheryl based on a description of each person. These precious stockings are an heirloom to our family and will be
    cherished forever. I adore them!"

  • Karla

    "This red velvet pillow is gorgeous! So plush and luxurious! The color is beautiful, the fabric is high
    quality, and the workmanship is perfect. I love it!"