original needlepoint, lovingly reimagined in sumptuous velvet & organic cotton sateen

born in Blowing Rock, NC

every pillow is touched by at least five hands before making its way to you

surrealistic & enchanting


began with a simple butterfly, created with petit-point stitches to highlight the detail of this ephemeral beauty. I thought by stitching her in black and white, I could create an unexpected contrast between the daylight flutter and the mysterious night.

The imaginative elements were stitched stream of consciousness, allowing my hand to go where willed. Many flowers have eyes; many are so tiny, but an integral part of the night's magic.

The snakelet is playful, more apt to kisses than hisses. The winged insects are amusing, floating softly with the botanicals.

Seeing this, I dream of nightswimming, bathing in the beauty of the forest waters. And surrounded by a host of living, lyrical creatures.

<3 Cheryl