hello, you wild & wonderful soul you!

hello, you wild & wonderful soul you!

You've met your kindred spirit!

When most people think of needlepoint, they visualize a bespectacled grandmama sitting in her rocking chair, idly stitching a barn, maybe a cow or two.  Mommani Threads kicks that cobweb-laid, boring image to the curb!  Turns that baby upside down and inside out until it's dizzy and in need of a tall one.

Cold?  Nah . . needlepoint is a warm art, created with the most wonderful, natural wool and silk threads. Canvases come to life with soft stitches on a cotton canvas, each a part of the whole.  When completed there's a full picture, not individuals.

It is an old art with a long history.  Centuries ago, the ability to needlepoint was considered a wifely skill, critical to creating home decor and apparel. 

I'm sure it was valued into the 20th century, though not a bridal trunk, punch-list requirement.  Still, there were things a girl "must" possess to snag and hold on to a partner!

pink panties are a must

I will digress a little and refer you to a lovely piece by Therese Oneill, published in Mental Floss.  Here we are finally, thankfully given straightforward tips for keeping your man.  (From the 1950s, but hey . . )


Girlfriend . . shew . . 


I love marrying this beautiful old art with a modern twist.  I love taking the traditional and adding the unexpected.  (Think cougars with collagen-enhanced lips; a smart a-- quote on a traditional box; blue cats with pink toenails.)

Our designs merge your eclectic spirit with a stylish vibe.  The meticulously crafted pillows are more puffed art than sofa decor.  Our tea towels are soft and

durable, but best of all add cheeky fun to kitchen clean up. 

In short, Mommani goodies are a reflection of you!


Feeling sassy? 


Got the blues?

blue eye scupted pillow



  Pillow with WILDFLOWERS DON'T CARE WHERE THEY GROWN in brown quirky font with white abstract highlights & lemony-lime background. Dolly approved!



sculpted red lips pillow on bed

Join me and my peeps in crime as we travel the road of whimsy and mischief.
Let's have some fun!
sculpted red lips pillowCheryl
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