Its nice to meet you

I'm Cheryl, but you can call me Squirrel. All my loved ones do!

Needlepoint is the cornerstone of my journey as an artist. Learning this traditional handicraft from my mother as a young one, I take this skill and create a playful space where whimsical meets contemporary.

My original pieces tell a story, more living art than mortal pillow. (Check out our gallery for customer inspired vingettes.) Through my love of contemporary, mid-century modern design, the inspiration flows from my mind to canvas, stream of consciousness, and the influence is clear. Often sassy; always colorful and unexpected.

I live and create these works of art in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The magic I find while exploring nature and the mountains with my fur babies and my real babies can be found on my needlepoint canvases. I find inspiration everywhere and absolutely love what I do!


My needlepoint canvases are creative thoughts and impressions, hand-embroidered, on a blank canvas. The design influence could be a child's drawing, nature's display, a runway dress or a sassy quote. It is rare that I know exactly how a design is going to materialize when I put thread to canvas.

The original pieces are created with Persian & Merino wools, silks, and occasional splashes of cotton and dazzling metallics. A completed canvas has thousands of stitches (and hours!) and is truly created with crazy heart and soul. They are never duplicated in original form, but shared via the high-quality textile reproductions offered in the shop.

Your Mommani pillow is a true work of art

And is impeccably finished with the highest standards.The materials and construction guarantee a long life - as long as you keep your pillow art away from moths and teething puppies! I have had the pleasure to create custom commissions for designers, celebrities, film directors, artists and art collectors.

Perfectly Recreated

Every Mommani reproduction is created with the highest of standards: private label velvets and organic cotton sateens; lovely reverses in designer velvets; custom made blended and feather down pillows.

The fabrics are sourced from North Carolina small businesses and our pieces are custom made here in NC.


The name - mommani - is actually a mispelling of the Italian word mammoni. Mammonis are Mama's boys, who stay at home well into adulthood. When I chose mommani as my email moniker, my boys were toddlers. Now, they're wonderful young men and tremendously inpspirational. You'll find some of their art translated into needlepoint, including the Mommani Baby and Swag Monster. (And yes, they did leave home!)